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Jive Jive's Hygiene measures

The safety of our customers and our team is our top priority. We have instituted the following additional hygiene measures.

All employees: 

  • check their temperature every morning.

  • wear a face mask at the salon.

  • wash and sanitize their hands frequently.

  • clean and disinfect all surfaces (work station, shampoo bowls, reception area, etc..)  and tools, between every guest.


The salon:

  • All towels and capes are washed and disinfected daily to assure every customer is provided with fresh clean supplies.

  • Any non-essential items have been removed such as magazines and cards. (Free Wi-Fi is available)

  • We are suspending the complimentary drink service. 


  • Now we are offering all hair services.

We are asking all customers to...

  • Please wear a face mask.

  • Please come on time but no earlier than 5 mins before your appointment because the waiting area is restricted

  • Please do not bring your friends or family members with you. The number of people who can be in the salon is limited. (One guardian is allowed with one child or an elderly)

  • We will guide you to the seat OR ask you to wait until the stylist has finished her/his previous customer and has disinfected the station and tools.


We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to our salon!







  • 手洗い、手指の消毒、毎朝の検温。体調管理の徹底。

  • マスクとフェイスシールドの着用。

  • 各お客様の施術後/前に接触する表面(セット面、シャンプー代、カードリーダーなど)と、美容器具(コームなど)の除菌



  • 通常通りタオルとケープはお客様毎に取り合えて、洗濯しております。

  • 雑誌とドリンクサービスは停止させていただいております。



  • 現在、すべてのヘアサービスを提供しております。


  • 皆さまに、マスクの着用をお願いしております。

  • 待ち合いスペースに限りがありますので、ご予約の時間通りにお越しください

  • 店内の人数を制限しておりますので、お連れ様の入店はお断りしております。お子様やご年配の方のお付き添いは1名様のみお入りいただけます。

  • お席の準備(除菌等)が出来次第、お席にご案内いたします。




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