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JiveJive's 10th anniversary          Nov.11.2020

It is with great gratitude that I am able to celebrate this day.

I still remember the day I came to Vancouver, drawing my daughter's hand, not knowing left from right, and not knowing anybody. Since that day, I have been blessed with many wonderful staff and customers that I have shared precious times with.


Unfortunately, this year has been a tough year with the effects of COVID-19, and I pray for the health and well-being of you all. Despite the hardships, with great determination and pride, I wish to continue to present you a safe and enjoyable environment and prestige service. Thank you very much for your support and patronage, and hope to continue to be your number one.

Owner Megumi Hasegawa



今年はあいにく新型コロナウィルスに怯え、生活を制限させられましたが、皆様の健康と生活が守られますようお祈りもうしあげます。これからも皆様のOnly ONEになれるように誠心誠意努力して参ります。


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